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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Personal Goals

I have spent many sleepless nights pondering the very topic about which I am to blog today. As simple as it may first appear, I find it exceedingly difficult to express my personal goals in black and white. This particular transfer of thought to written word is a frightening process of solidification. Once documented, one’s goals cannot be renounced. Forever present, they have the power to later praise one’s accomplishments or mock one’s failures.

There are many things I wish to achieve, but which of my objectives have priority? Which of my pursuits do I long to realize so greatly I would chisel them in stone? Have you ever thought the same? There are three goals that first come to mind. I desire to pursue a Master's of Business degree and graduate with a 4.0 grade point average before I turn 35-years-old, build a network of professional connections while in a learning environment and have a stable, profitable career path in place.

The pursuit of a 4.0 grade point average while in pursuit of an MBA is my first personal goal. I was never brave enough to undertake such a challenge in the past. I did not believe myself capable of the highest scholastic achievement; my self-esteem was much too low to demand this type of perfection. I feared disappointment to the point of underachievement. Although I may not have failed classes, I know now that I could have done so much better. No longer will I fear.
I will discipline myself for long hours of study; I will function as a contributing member of a team of classmates heading for a common goal; I will devote myself the task at hand. I understand the hard work and dedication involved in my pursuit of scholastic perfection. I want this for no one but myself; that is why I will succeed. I hunger for the challenge of a 4.0 grade point average and I believe that when I finally walk across the stage at graduation, I will do so with head held high.

Second is my desire to build a network of professional connections while in a learning environment. My choice of university will be partially based on the realization that there is ample opportunity within the program to build relationships with individuals from a wide variety of careers. The prospect of self improvement as a working professional will drive my decision of learning establishment. I hope to provide others a valuable connection to my own workplace. In addition, I desire to learn from my peers as much as from my professors, to gain insight into different career paths. In this way I will be able to construct a solid network based on professional relationships; a network I may build upon and rely on in the future.

My third, most difficult quest will be to have a stable, profitable career path in place by graduation; thus, by the time I reach the fateful age of 35. I do not care if I begin my chosen profession by graduation and it may very well be within my current employer's ranks; I simply crave a direction in which to strive. Even though some may believe me too young to have much experience, I have held far more positions than most professionals twice my age. My heart’s desire is to find a single position that is secure, fulfilling and profitable.
I believe all should experience joy in their occupations; this typically happens when one’s work reflects one’s personality, priorities and ethics. I am acquainted with individuals who love their work. It is obvious to the most casual observer how joyful one can be when the job one does is personally fulfilling. I yearn for that sort of contentment. However challenging it may be to discover such a profession, I am bent on the achievement of this aim in particular.

Documented above are three personal objectives I wish to accomplish before I turn 35-years-old. I desire to graduate from an MBA program with a 4.0 grade point average, build a network of professional connections while in a learning environment and have a stable, profitable career path in place by graduation. Each goal is of equal importance and the triumph of one will aid in the attainment of the remaining two. I will devote myself to the discipline necessary to sustain a 4.0 grade point average. I strive to gain insight to various fields while creating lasting relationships with those around me. Through the learning process I hope to choose a profession suited to my personality, priorities and ethics. Despite the general difficulty I have in solidifying my personal goals, I am willing to publicly proclaim my dedication to the realization of the aforementioned pursuits. It is to these objectives I commit, for better or for worse.

What goals are you pursuing?

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